Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Information gathering

Hello ladies...I'm looking for some info from you to get started:

1. Do you have SCAL or Design Studio or both. Do you like them and why
2. What/who do you scrap most?
3. Do you have kids...if yes, boys/girls and ages
4. How far behind on scrapping your pictures are you?
5. If there was one technique you would really like to learn, what would it be and why

Ok...these are our questions for today. I still haven't heard anything from Lisa so if anyone talks to her, let her know where we are.

Namma - I know you have a blog but I can't find the link, can you send that to me so I can add you to the side like I did Natasha.

Diana - do you have a blog? If you do, may I have a link so I can add you as well.

All of us have rights to make posts, not just comments. Please alway feel free to add in...make suggestions or share what you are working on. Remember to mark that you want to receive emails so when a new post is done, you receive an email.

Talk to you all soon

ps....Let's Get Caught Up


  1. Ha Ha, I beat Renee to this one! ;) As soon as I can figure out my way around here, I will post. For now I just I will just do a comment! :)

    1. I hve DS, but have asked DH for SCAl for Xmas. People have done such great things with them. Plus you don't have to keep buying all the new carts. Just find free .svg sites. I hear there are a lot of them. Where computer is set up (with DS) hard to get my E in so I don't use it much

    2. When I scrap, it is of my kids. But I have been doning Project 365 since last year and will continue to do it.

    3. Girl, Kenzie 3 (10/23) and Ryan almost 19 months (5/28)

    4. HA! Won't even go there. :) My P365 album is done until end of August. But I am using the CM Picfolio. It has worked really well for me. Quick and easy peasy.

    5. Word/shape books. Just dropped out of a swap on those because I was too nervous about it. I need to make a couple so they are not so intimidating.

    I do not have a blog. May have to set one up. :)

    Let's Get Caught Up. Yup, got us on that one. I new as soon as you posted what it was I was going to do the head slap! Duh! Makes sense now! :)

  2. Ok I'm as lost as one could get on how to post etc.... anything really on this blog thing... LOL anywho,

    1. I have DS and use it quite often.
    2. I scrap my kiddos mostly but on occation other family members/pets.
    3.I have two boys ages 7 and 3 and one daughter age 5.
    4. I would say I'm very far behind as i have tons of pics still to do, but i jump around alot in my scrapping-- I think it's fun to pull out old pics and scrap those every now and then, I don't think I'll ever be caught up in my scrapping but that's ok-- it's not my goal.
    5.I guess the technique I would like to learn more about is distress.

    Can't wait to start scrapping in 2010!!!

  3. Ok, here I go:

    1. I have SCAL, SCAL2 and Design Studio. I just got SCAL2 last night. I adore SCAL and use it every time I scap. If someone could talk me through DS, I might use it, I just never have!!
    2. What/who do you scrap most? My Grandbabies
    3. Do you have kids...if yes, boys/girls and ages. I have 3. My daughter just turned 25, my son is 23 and my youngest son just turned 17. My grandbabies: Daria 7 and Kyler 5.
    4. How far behind on scrapping your pictures are you? Let's just say you would be APPALLED!! Ready for this....I have not scrapped one single layout of my own kids, only my grandbabies.
    5. I love learning new techniques. Once a month we will add a technique to our pages that at least one of us hasn't used before.