Thursday, December 10, 2009

Welcome Ladies

As promised, here is our blog to post our swaps, ideas and things we would like to learn. We can make this blog into anything we choose. I would like to add links to each of our blogs (if you have one). We all will have permission to post to this blog.

We are a team in this group. The idea is to keep each of us inspired to get our scrapping caught up. If there is anything you want to learn about, I'm not beyond making videos to put on here and welcome everyone to join in on that.

I'm open to suggestions for what we will be doing. I will take all suggestions and if necessary, we will vote on ideas. As each of you gets in touch with me, you will be assigned a number...there will be times that we will swap pics and scrap for another person. Not all months will we need to make 5 of each layout.....

Ok...I'm off to gather all the email addresses so I can authorize you to post on here.

Talk to you all soon!

ps...can you guess what the initials stand for?? RAK to the person that figures it out!


  1. Large Group Cricut Users
    Large Girl Cricut Unit
    Love Goes Cricut Unbeliveably Nuts!!!

    I don't know!!! LOL!!!
    I just wanted to be the first to post!!! LOL

    You know I have never asked but I hope LOL means Laughing out loud!!! Lots of Laughing??

  2. Ok, I will be second then to post! :)

    Ladies growing cricut users
    Love girls cricut users
    laughing girls cricut users.

    So confused. :) Looking forward to finding out what it really is. :)

  3. Let's Get Cropping Up
    Local Gals Cricut Users
    Let's Get Cricut Using

    Looking forward to seeing what you come up with