Tuesday, March 30, 2010

New comments

Hey gals, I have been trying to post comments since yesterday but boxes are not coming up right so figured I would do a new post.

Yeah, I am so glad you like my idea. :) I felt bad that you two kept initiating and I was determined to think of a way to get us all involved.

I started cleaning up my scrapping area last weekend so I have a place to work again. And then with going away and doing some great layouts and some great cards, all I can say was it was hard working yesterday. All I wanted to do was play on blogs. :) Looking up new ideas.

Wendy, I loved the layout you did for the design team. Are you going to be able to spill the beans on which one it is? We want to be your cheering squad. ;)

Renee, did you happen to notice we used the same paper on our B&W layout? :) The friend who hosted this weekend crop is a cm consultant. She had it left over and gave it to me. I thought that was too funny.

Natasha, that dumbo came out adorable. Just so overwhelmed by you guys and the pages that have been done.

I think I know what I want to do as my challenge for next week. My daughter has this cutest nightgown and I thought it would make a cute layout. Reminds me of the one Wendy did with her nephew's toy. I just have to post a picture of it and post. Should do that in the next day or two.

Hope everyone has a good day.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Black and White Layout

Ok ladies, after this weekend I am totally recharged. (Went away for a scrapping weekend) I had been feeling really down on myself because of all the amazing layouts done for me (sniff, sniff). Just did not think I could compete. But this weekend I did some pretty good layouts and I feel recharged. I got lots of ideas running through my head. First I was thinking that Renee and Wendy you two are initiating all the challenges. How about we all take a week in the Month? Ie Diana 1st, Renee, 2nd,...... Then we have a week we know we have to make everyone else be creative? We can be thinking about layouts, or color combos, or if we want to send out items we can be on the look out to buy and send them to everyone. If there is a 5th week in the month, maybe we can take a week off or we could have a 'free for all'. Everyone do what they feel like for that week and then post. How does that sound?

Ok, on to my layouts.

Here is my black and white layout. I did this one on Sunday morning. I had a headache and got a little lazy with the cricut cuts. I used all stickers except one and even used the frame .

Here are my 2 3 hour layouts. I love Monique Griffith and wanted to use ACY. I think I may even post these in the cartridge challenge for this week.

Kids are getting up so I will respond to everyone later. thought I had a little bit more time! ;)

Sunday, March 28, 2010

It's Sunday and it's time for Challenge #11

I saw a color combination on Friday that I just fell in love with and thought it would make a wonderful challenge.  I couldn't wait for Sunday to get here to post it and then with everything going on today, I totally forgot to post it!

Ok, here's the challenge:  Using the colors purple, turquoise and white, create a layout.  Either 1 page or a double layout.  Please try to use at least one flower and 1 embellishment.


My Newest Layout

I'm applying for a new design team and I think this will be my submission.  They had a page sketch to follow to create a page.

I need honest opinions please.....and yes, I know I still need to journal on the page!!
Don't tell Mistie I told you but those are Apple-tinis they are drinking!!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Tear Strip Flower

I did it, I did it....I'm so excited.  This one was so much easier than the other one!!  I've added the instructions on a page just like the other one.

Black & White Finished!


Pages and paper are Creative Memories. Sticker is the black and white "remarks" I asked you to use for this challenge. Heart punch is CM punch and the border punch is Fiskars. The 3 was cut using Design Studio and the George cart. The clear plastic is on the solid black mat. Not sure if I will like it with the picture under it and have not thought of a way to adhere it to the mat or picture. Still haven't gotton my photos printed. Thought I might use this for Lauren's third birthday pictures.
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Friday, March 26, 2010

Myscrapchick Friday Freebie

I didn't get my email this morning....did anyone else?

Here's another site for a Tuesday Freebie.  I also use their files....

Treasure Box Designs

Thursday, March 25, 2010

I need a little butterfly

Any suggestions?  It can't be girlish since I'm doing a boy border....just a plain little butterfly with cut outs on his wings...



Monday, March 22, 2010

Challenge #10 completed!!

Ok, so maybe I cheated just a little bit with the red but the entire time I was working on this all I could see was a pop of red on the layout so I had to do it.  I have another one started because my bossy sister wouldn't let me toss a piece of scrap from this layout!

Roses and Dumbo

These are some paper roses I made using just some craft paper the darker one was from brown craft paper I alcohol inked it and used glossy accents to hold it together then added glimmer mist and stickles. The light pink one was made with heavy pink cardstock then inked a bit and then i added glimmer and stickles. I used the Tim Holtz grungepaper rose technique and an svg file to cut the 6 petal flowers.
Dumbo was cut for Diana's page with an SVG file, he just wanted his picture taken--- I need to still do the page =]

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Black and White Challenge # 10


Black and White Double Layout Challenge # 10
Please use the black and white stickers I sent you a while back. The stickers are American Crafts Decorative Sticker Books "remarks" accents in black. If you can incorporate the "clear plastic frame" I sent you it would be wonderful, but not required. It was something new I picked up and thought would be cute on a page. Like I said not required.
I would love to see just black and white. This is the real challenge for me! Can't wait to see your layouts!!!
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Summer layout

With the weather being SOOO gorgeous, I didn't get the time in my room yesterday that I normally do.  I started this one Friday night with Emmy and finished it this morning.....I'm so ready for summer!!

The sun is now an SVG file if anyone wants it!!

Disney Pages Link

You guys have to check out this link to these disney pages....lots of great ideas

Disney Layouts

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Here are some layouts

First for Diana:

And this one, just needs a title added....I think it's a pretty generic Disney page

And then there are these for MEEEEE, but needs a title....I'm thinking "Pap's Girl".  I made the dress she is wearing.  It matches the rest of the wedding party....I also made their dresses.

And this one.....I'm still working on it though, it's going to be a dress up double layout

And the flower I TRIED to make, tried being the operative word here....I think I might need to try again since I think I did something wrong.  That and you should see the mess I made using the mist.  The first color (the one I wanted that went with my paper) didn't work....the second bottle, just take my word for it...it worked, a little TOO well

The Mouse Book


Paper I had on hand. Life's a Beach is the cart I used. Creative Memories Stickers.
Hope this posts works! Hope you like them and thanks for looking.
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I have some pages to post

I got some pages done, some for Diana and 1 for me.....I will try to get them posted tonight.

How is everyone's week going?


Saturday, March 13, 2010

How am I supposed to scrapbook vicariously through all of you if you're not posting any pictures???

Links to great SVG files

Hey ladies, I thought we needed a place to post where we are finding some great SVG files.  Please add your links

Friday, March 12, 2010

Too Quiet

Hey Gals, it has been too quiet around here, and yes I have been guilty too. DH got his wisdom teeth out this week, so to say it nice it has been a lonnnnnnggg week. :) I am so excited to go to my monthly crop tomorrow and get some stuff done.

I did do two of Wendy's heart flowers last week. They were really easy to do. I guess I just need longer brads because I could not fit all of the hearts on. :) Last weekend I also made the title for one of my disney pages - the little mermaid. Kenzie can't read it but recognized it the second she woke up from her nap and saw it sitting on the table.

Thanks to Wendy's enabling I got the same photo printer she got, but have not had any time to play with it. I am hoping to this weekend.

The new scrapchick downloads are too cute. Kenzie is going to the dentist for the first time this year so I think I am going to need that alligator. And those free flowers this week are too cute.

So how is everyone else?

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Come take a look...

I just started posting youtube videos, I just posted that mini album I was telling you about. Go to youtube and check out my channel-- it's natashasparkman.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Hello Sunday Morning and a new challenge

Well, this isn't a challenge but a new technique to try.  I thought since we are all busy with Challenge #9, work, rebuilding our computers, and family, that it was time to try a new technique.  This is a tutorial on how to make paper roses.  For full instructions, click on the Paper Rose Tutorial on the right hand sidebar of our blog.

Here is the rose when completed.

Remember to take a pic of your completed rose when you are done and post on here.  Please don't put it on a page yet though!!
Have a super day

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Challenge 9 started...

Here are a few layouts that i finished today... the one says Magical Moments but the glitter gave a funny glare so it's kinda hard to see in the pic. The mickey "you&me" layout has glimmermist on the photomats that's why they look kinda funny in the pics too. Hope you like these so far Diana.

We have some pics!!

This is getting it started!!

Here's another....but without sunlight behind me, I'm getting glare!!

There's some overlap of the layout...I'll try to get better pics tomorrow during the day!!  I think these pics of Kenzie are just gorgeous and so much fun to scrap.  Thank you Diana for allowing us to do this!

Disney Paper on Clearance

Last night I stopped at M's by my Mom's and they had Disney 12 x 12 paper on clearance for .29 a sheet, WOOOOHOOOOOO.....more pages are comin!!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Challenge #9 continued........but still working!

There are 8 pics of Kenzie out there that were just adorable...Mom you must have a blast taking pics of her.  This layout is featuring Kenzie....and when I get my photo printer, I'll edit the pic to show the layout with them in it.


I'm not sure about the KENZIE on the page, that may change a bit after I get a chance to look at it some more.  I want it to stand out better.  Lots of room for Mommy to journal!! 

Ok, I added ribbon and rhinestones.....I just couldn't have a layout without ribbon!!

I've Had It!!

My photo printer isn't working!!  Big Lots just advertised a Kodak 3-In-One printer and I think I'm going to stop and grab one today.  I love the price on the ink on this one and the quality of the pics when it is working!  Printing pics on demand is a great feature and one I miss!

They also have a Kodak Easy Share 12 MP camera that I'm considering grabbing too but not sure on that one yet.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Disney Dinner...


Anyone for lunch!!
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Challenge 9 continues...


Scraplifted layouts from a good friend!
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My computer is so messed up... The white on the pages is really a butter yellow.. and quite pretty!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Challenge #9 continued.......but still working

Here is the Donald and Daisy layout.  I am working on a coordinating page for the other side that will work with the Aurora picture (The statue of Aurora not the person)