Sunday, February 28, 2010

Challenge #9 Started.....

Here is my first one.  I've left lots of room for pics, journaling, special momentos or personal touches.

I hope it's ok Diana!!


Saturday, February 27, 2010

Challenge #9 Disney Layouts for Diana

This is a partial swap challenge with all created pages going to Diana to help her get her Disney Trip pictures done.

These are 12 x 12 layouts using our best work.  Pictures to use are available but you must contact Diana directly.  I may be able to set up a special online account for us to go to instead of going into Diana's personal account...Diana is that ok?

If you pick particular pictures that you are going to use, please let us know so we all aren't doing the same pics.  If you aren't going to use pics, that's ok too......I'm sure just general layouts for Disney would be greatly appreciated.

This one will not have a 1 week deadline, I'm setting the deadline for 1 month from now for a mailing date.  If you finish sooner, wonderful, send them directly to Diana.  If you want to take the entire month, that's ok too.

Let's Get Diana caught up!!

Bunny Town

Bunny Town is just a cute svg file! I'm having "issues" with my computer so I was unable to complete the font. All supplies I had on hand. The "little one" is my niece Aubrey. She is a doll baby! I'll get the title on when I Windows 7 arrives in the snail mail! Vista is not my friend anymore! Thanks for looking.
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Tear Bear Bunny using the Bunny Town Collection

Ok, maybe I got a little distracted this week!!

Challenge #8 Completed

Ok, I'm calling this one has driven me crazy all week.  At some point I want to fix the word EGGS since it looks a bit out of place....looking for suggestions on that PLEASE!!

The challenge was to use the Bunny Town collection - but I also used the Bella & Baxtor Elves collection to get the paint brush.  I also used one of the eggs Renee sent us.  I'm not sure how many times I tore this layout apart before I finally just glued it all down and said DONE!

Friday, February 26, 2010

Lion Freebie

Is that new lion download not the cutest!? I can't wait to use him on one of Ryan's layouts. I am so glad you told us to sign up for their freebie Wendy.

I am very tempted to buy the other books too! I have not cut out my bunny yet (yes I know I am starting to get behind), but they are so cute. And they don't look too hard to put together. Could make cute mini albums! :)

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Navigation Bar is Fixed!!

I know SOME of you were having problems posting because the navigation bar in the upper right hand corner had disappeared.  Well it seems it had been running with the widgets I had lost.  I found our widgets before but just captured the navbar.

Hopefully this makes things easier to post.  I still have to figure out how to get the font fixed up.  Cross your fingers!!


Sunday, February 21, 2010

Challenge #7 Completed

This is using the Snowman Collection (snowmen) and the Whimsical Winter Collection (birds).  All the paper was what I had on hand.  I even used pictures, Mistie will be so proud.

Saturday, February 20, 2010


Ok girls, can you guys help me. I am sitting here playing with SCAL, but am a little confused.

Now when I try to import a svg file, there is the color folder and the layer folder. I am using the color folder. Is that the only one we should be doing? Is the layer folder different? Now if I import each file and put it in a different quadrant on the mat, how do I make sure they are the same size so they layer ok? They are all coming in at different sizes. And I am not sure if when I resize them to be the same size they will print out ok. I am working on the brr now. And have started working on the frames. I have watched a few videos, but am still confused.

I have to go give kids a bath now. Any help would be appreciated. TIA! Once I get over this first hurdle I should be fine after this one. :) Thanks.

Bunny Town Challenge # 8

Hi everyone!

Scal will be used in Challenge # 8

Please use your Bunny Town file you got from Wendy! I don't care which file you use in Bunny Town but I want you to use the Eggs I sent in your Valentine envelope. You don't have to use both... I don't like "tacky" either... lol Anyone else that would like to join in, let me know and Wendy or I can get you the svg file.

I am not going to hold you to a double page layout for those that are swampppped at work but please try to use the Bunny Town file...

I know there is probably something I have left out.. so let me know if you have questions...

Friday, February 19, 2010

Let It Snow! Scal challenge...


Used free scal file from Wendy...
Paper I had on hand... Some Creative Memories (CM)
Punched Snowflake is the New CM Snowflake Punch
I am loving Stickles!!! Never new I loved glitter!!
The Three Snowman head "frame" is "covered with
Snowflakes Chunky Glitter Glue... clearance bin
I sure do love SCAL!!!! I'm converted!!!

Thanks for looking! I enjoyed making this one!!
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My Scrapchick's Free Friday Pattern

Did you all get your email for the free pattern for SCAL from  If you haven't, go to their website and sign up for the newsletter so you will.  It's an adorable bunny book this week!!


Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Ok, maybe trying to add bells and whistles didn't work.....I've lost my widgets!!  Has anyone seen them??

Love the new Blue in Town!!!

Monday, February 15, 2010

SCAL Challenge Complete!!!

Ok... as you know I was really excited to use my new toy and I really really love it!!! This is how it came out, um... not sure if the snowman is how he is supposed to be but i thought he turned out cute, so that's all that matters,right? No carts on this one, it's all from the svg file and a few 3d stickers from a clearance pack I had. The blue paper is DCWV shimmer stack, the other paper was white but I wanted to try some inking on it, not sure if I like how it came out or not, I embossed snowflakes in clear then inked over them and sprayed it with white glimmer mist. The blue paper has the snowflakes as well, they didn't show up too well in the pics. Flock and glitter on all the "snow" and some bling. Guess that's about it.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Challenge 6

Here is my challenge. I don't have a picture because I just took it within the past 2 weeks and I have not had a chance to print it yet. But one morning my son was helping me cook my eggs for breakfast. He was standing on a chair at the stove and had a spatula. The main cut was the spatula, but my challenge was the turn over as a title. As soon as I looked though FMK (which I wanted to use because I HAD to have it but have not used it yet :)) I knew I wanted to use that one. So I felt proud of myself that I finally did a layout with some cricut cuts. :)

Get Well Card

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Valentine Cards plus finished Diane's challenge!


I think this was due yesterday...
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I think this covers the last challenge..??
The paperdoll in the middle I did not make. Scrapelette made it,Cricut MB swap.
I have been saving it for Lauren...
Big Pink Birds is scraplifted from Capadia Designs...

PDDU used for girls.
Life is a Beach cart used for big pink birds lol!
The hearts are the George cart.
Paper I had on hand.
Used Cuttlebug for embossing...

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Challenge #7 (due 2/21/10)

GOOD MORNING LADIES!! Here comes Challenge #7 and you guessed it, it involves SCAL2.

The file I'm going to share with you includes size circles (yeah I know you're thinking what the devil is she talking about???). The size circles allow you to create perfect size pieces for layering. I use the color files when I import the .svg into SCAL2. With each color comes a small circle that needs matched to the next color. Please remember to hit keep proporations BEFORE you start sizing your file. Also remember when placing your file on your mat that SCAL2 is about 1/4 off when you cut. Please use some scrap paper for playing BEFORE you use your beautiful paper to cut your first thing.

So here's the challenge: Using the following file, create a double page layout (can be 12 x 12 or any size you want) but you must have at least 4 photo mats, 4 colors, 4 embellishments and at least 1 item from the SCAL file that I picked.

SNOWMANCOLLECTION...I will email each of your the file. Let me know if you don't get it. If there are any people joining us, please email me at with CHALLENGE #7 in the subject and I will get you the file as well. If you don't have SCAL2, that is not a problem....there is a PDF file that will allow you to print the file and hand piece it.


Friday, February 12, 2010

Are we ready for a challenge?

Renee, are you taking this one or shall I issue a challenge? I have one in mind but it can be the following week. I know there are a couple unfinished challenges, but that's ok ladies!! That's the fun of this blog.....

Let me know and stay warm out there!!


Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Newest Valentine - all with SCAL and a FREE cut file!

I just fell in love with the file when I found it.

Butterfly Fly Away

We were snowed in yesterday, so no school for the kids and no class for me last night (yeah!!!) so this is what I did. It is inspired by the song in the Hannah Montana movie, my daughters favorite. The butterfly is from the HM cart and the tree is from my new Heritage cart, title is Opposites attract... lots of inking, perfect pearls--wish you could see the sparkle better but my pics didn't come out too well.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

SCAL2 is on sale!!

I just read a link over on the messageboard that SCAL2 is now on sale for $58.00!! That is a great price!


Monday, February 8, 2010

Mistie needs encouragement to......

Post the letters she made for Griffin's room. They are absolutely gorgeous and they need to be shared with everyone. She doesn't need to tell you that she went with the paper that I was going to buy for her but she told me not to get it because she didn't like it!! She can keep that a total secret!!

Scrapbooking almost.....

I used scrapbooking paper, does that count for anything? That is the back of Griffin's bedroom door :)

Heads Up Ladies

Whimsical Scraps & Bugs, the design team I am on, has been inactive this month and we're not sure why since there has been no communication. I've invited the ladies from the design team that are looking to be challenged to come join us. You may see some unfamiliar faces with us but rest assured, these are some very talented ladies that will bring alot of great ideas for us.

The work on their blogs is just gorgeous!!


My First Tear Bear... Little Aaron

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Wendy taught me how to make this special little boy! He is going to make his way down to North Carolina if we don't get socked in with snow tomorrow!!!

Thanks Wendy I so enjoyed making this little fellow! I owe you big for this one!!!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Tear Bear School

Renee and I had tear bear school today....she makes a great student and she better get posting the bear she made today!! Here's mine.

Challenge #6 complete

Ok Diana...I pulled my carts out for 2 projects this weekend so I'm posting them both. The layout is TOTALLY scraplifted but the tree is the accessory 3 button of the Mrs. Claus on the Paper Doll Dress UP. Even the letters are from the Plantin cartridge, I did not use SCAL at all on this layout!

The dinosaur on Kyler's valentine's is the Accessory 1 button of the cave man on the Paper Doll cart as well!! No SCAL on this one either...the hearts are on the Plantin cart too!!

WOOOOHOOOOOOO....I did it!! You had doubts didn't you???

Challenge #5 Complete

Valentine challenge is finished (at least the ones for mailing!!).....and I'm almost done with Daria's too...just 5 more to go and I want to finish those tonight. I was going to chalk them, but I think they are cute just the way they are. I need to write the words on each card but after putting these together, that's a piece of cake!!


Thought I would share. I had signed up to do Cards for Soliders on the cricut boards. Figured it might get my card juices flowing! ;) I made these yesterday. They actually came together pretty quickly. I also have to share about the Easter cart. I wanted to get it to make some of the cards (the chick is from that cart). So I went to Js and it was $25 and I had two spools of ribbon and 2 40% off coupons. I check out and he says $22 and change. I got all confused, why was the total cheaper than the cart. For whatever reason the register took the 40% off the Easter cart. Woo Hoo! Maybe because it was not a full cart, I don't know. But it was $15 rather than $25. I was happy! ;)

Challenge 4 - Diana

Finally, I finished last week's challenge. See why I challenged myself/us do to a page with a cricut cut?! I have been so lazy with doing cricut cuts. I have no problems doing pages, but getting my cricut out has been a big deal! So hence why I did my challenge. :) I have an all day crop next weekend, so I KNOW I will be able to get my nice multi cricut cut page done. Oh Wendy I really loved my Big Bite on this page. I had not set an eyelet with it yet and it was soooo easy. :)

Tigger Valentine Day Card


Wendy's challenge # 5
Valentine Card made with Pooh and Friends cart
Used paper on hand. Some have stickles and
no two are alike.
Used my cuddlebug and eye chalk.

Diane's Challenge # 6
Going to combine the two... Hope that is okay.
I always use all of the functions... I love
the layer look. Tigger has 6 different cuts
on his beautiful face!

Just had a duh moment... I should have made some
of these for my little nieces and nephews...
Oh well I guess I need to get to work!
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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Any takers?

Hello Diana, Natasha, and Renee,
Would any of you like to have this layout? I made them for a swap that was a disaster, so now I have a bunch of extras. You can probably take the title off if you need to.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Challenge 6

Ok, I guess it is my turn. Now I know I have not finished Challenge 4, but I have been working a lot of OT because of mutiple issues at work. I plan to get it done this weekend. So at the same time I want to work on my Challenge, which I have had in mind for a week now.

So the Challenge is to use a cut on any cartridge that is not the main key, ie a special function key (is that what they are called?) . This is a big challenge for me. I am always using only the main key and I don't use all the other great cuts that are available. I hope this is a challenge enough for you. I know it will be for Wendy because of SCAL. :)

Have fun!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

When It's Cold Outside you make Snowflakes...

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When It's Cold Outside is the cart I used for this snowflake.
One piece of white 12 X 12 cardstock.  Saved all the pieces.
Put it together like a puzzle starting with picture # 3.
Used silver stickles for bling. 
I plan to frame these pictures and hang them all. 

Twice a year I go on a Crop with my Creative Memories Scrappers.  I think it was Sue that named us Desperate Scrapper Wives!  We always have a blast and I am always amazed at everyone's art work.
Thanks to all of the ladies who helped and advised me on these layouts. 
Thanks for looking.