Monday, May 24, 2010

Cards for Soliders

Ok, after I made all those comments I went to go out to my scrap table. Just so you guys don't think I have been doing nothing, figured I would post these. Simple, but at least I have been a little create. I have been having fun doing cards, I need to get better with scrapbooking and our layouts on here. Going to work on my layout from last week now. :)


  1. Oh Diana...those are adorable!! I have issues with making cards. I sure don't have any mojo for those! I get all fired up to make some and then NOTHING.

  2. Wendy, that is so funny because I am having the same issues with layouts! :) With the kids I can find 15/20 minutes to do a card but having hard time finding an hour to do a layout.

  3. Diana I love your cards.. It's nice that you are doing the cards for soldiers... My brother is in Iraq and he has a hard time finding cards to send home. The last anniversary card he sent his wife, he crossed off the husband and inserted wife... so I know that what you are doing is appreciated. Thanks for posting.