Monday, May 10, 2010

Good Morning Ladies!!

How is everyone doing?  Natasha, can you breathe this week, how did your finals go? is your family doing?  Miss Renee, I really really missed you yesterday.  I got my computer moved to my new room with sound and video and you weren't on!!  How can I possibly scrap that way? even disappeared.  You would think that you guys all have lives, of all the nerve!!

Ok.....we're going to get back on track.  We're going to call the 8th the first Sunday of the month so that's makes this week Diana's week to post a challenge.  Diana, if you're not up for it....I have a fill in challenge and you can take my week later in the month, just let me know.

My regular camera is in CT and I'm having issues locating a camera (although I know there are at least 3 in this house right now).  I'd like to post what I've been working on because I think they are really cute.

Let's hear from you ladies!!



  1. OMG, I just sent a email to Wendy to get back in the swing of things and she posts this, and I just sent the email as she posted this thread. Weird! :)

    Family is getting back to normal a bit. I am anxious to get back to being creative. I did go to a crop this weekend and worked on Mother's Day cards and 20 CFS cards. I need to do some scrapbooking. I am enjoying card making way too much. :)

    Wendy if you could take my week I would appreciate it. I have no idea what to do and since you have a thought, go with it. This will give me time to think of something.

    Natasha, I just realized my husband had put the pages you send me on my scrapbook table and did not tell me. I have not done anything there since my FIL died so never realized they were there. I am so sorry. Thank you! They are all amazing. One of my challenges now has to be to get pictures on all the pages you and Renee sent.

    Renee, how are you? You have been quiet too lately.

    I hope everyone is good. Looking forward to get back in the swing of things.

  2. Good Morning! Wendy I thought you went to see your Mother! I had an amazing Mother's Day! Miss Madison made me the most beautiful card. Lauren picked out a card for me that sings! Quite funny! We all thought it was a hoot! Had a headache all day so slept the afternoon away and went to bed early, so sorry Wendy! I must say I never gave my computer a thought yesterday... I have virtual dogs in farmville that never got fed!! Guess I am not a good mom after all! Well at least they did not run away!
    I have finished Natasha's tree challenge and will post it soon... because it is also Wendy's challenge to me! You are all making me stretch! Need to put my title on and will post that one! I have my camera in hand and can't seem to get my pictures printed. That is my next challenge to myself. Happy belated Mother's day to all of you!

  3. Hello ladies, yes finals week is over and I made it thru!! We had a very busy weekend my oldest turned 8 on Mother's Day so we had a party on Saturday and also went out on Sunday. I'm hoping to have a relaxing summer but with one in baseball and one in t-ball we are sooo busy still! I got my final grades posted today so it was two A's and a B so I'm happy with that. I'm in a couple of swaps this month too, I need to get those started and I'll post my work soon they are due the end of the month but not too much work. One is ATC's and the other is 4x4 mini pages I just have not been into my 12x12 LO's lately but I'm loving all the new stuff.