Saturday, July 24, 2010

I must confess.....

I'm very sorry I have been missing from the blog.  I have also been missing from scrapbooking for the most part.  Someone, and we won't mention names (RENEE!!) introduced me to farming on facebook.  BIG MISTAKE.  I now have another hobby (much cheaper I'll admit) but alot of fun.  Farming combined with going away every weekend has left my scrapping time very limited.....yup, no time for housework either!  I'm posting this as I sit outside my baby sister's house (not home again!!)

I am getting back into scrapbooking thanks in part to my husband putting an air conditioner in my new scrapbook room. 

I'm challenging myself to create something this week and post it.  No requirements, nothing out of the ordinary, just a creation and posting it.

Anyone with me?

Diana - how are you and the kids
Natasha - how are things going with you?
Miss Renee - how's the farm?? to visit with family - Mistie is home for the weekend with the baby and I need to get out to Mom's to see them.



  1. I'm doing good, I actually altered a box this week and finished two cards so I just have to make myself take the pic's and is my youngest son's 4th birthday and in 2 weeks my daughter will be 6 so we are SUPER busy (also trying to prepare for the coming school year, less than a month away!!!) where did the summer go?? Wendy did you get the package I sent, I mailed it before vacation so it should have arrived by now... it was for the "page-kit" challenge/swap. it didn't get lost in the mail or something...

  2. Hi just checking in. It has been crazy around here and I have had no time to do any crafting. Missing it a lot.

    We ended up getting a eviction notice so we started looking for houses. We have been doing a lot of drive bys on houses. We finally found one this past weekend. The great thing about it is I will have my own girl cave! That was one of the requirements in looking for a houses, somewhere for all of my scrappin stuff. :)

    So that is all that has been happening with us. Ryan's lead levels are going down, he is now at 20. We have been keeping windows closed so it is helping.

    Glad I am not the only one who has been busy. :)