Saturday, September 11, 2010

Are we back?

The site is back up! It was down for a while. Must have been because we are all busy with summer. :)

How is everyone doing? We are moved and in the new house now. DS lead levels are coming down nicely. DD started pre-school and loves it. I talked to the teacher, they do a letter a week. I am going to start making letters and cut outs for each week for her class. This will make me get my cricut out even before the new scraproom is up and functioning. My E needs some attention. She has been neglected lately. :)

So where is everyone?


  1. Alright, the website is up again? What is going on? Anyone around?

  2. Hello....where are you?? I'm back!!

  3. Hi Wendy, Nice to see you again! :) :)

    So have you and Renee been up to a bunch of trouble! Do we have to put you two back in line? :)

  4. Can you imagine...she had the nerve to go visit her Mama FOREVER and left me home to take care of the farm and to scrap without her!! I was LOST!!