Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Hello Everyone!!

Are we ready to get back up and running after our summer?  I've stopped receiving emails so I don't know when anyone posts, I'm hoping that changes.  If everyone could post so I can find out who's posts I get emails on and who I don't I would appreciate it.

Our challenge this week is to post what we have been up to this summer and share what we have been working one.

I'd love to hear from everyone!!



  1. I for one have had a very busy summer. Although I haven't made alot of pages, I have made alot of my own cut files. I've gotten my own .com and will soon have my own website to sell cut files, page kits and premade pages. I'm very excited about this!!

    I will make sure everyone here has a code to download files for free. I would appreciate having the files tested and some examples of layouts to show how the files can be used.

    I'm taking requests for items you would like to have cut files for.

    Have a super day

  2. Wendy, that is awesome! What is the .com address? Is it up yet? I would love to check it out. I can't wait to see what you have in store. :)

    I have been missing everyone lately. Gotta get back to crafting. Summer has been filled with lead stuff, and finding and buying a house, and packing and moving. I did go to SDV (Scrappers Dream Vacation) at Disney in August with some friends. Got a bunch of my picture of the days done. I really want to get back into real scrapbooking through.

    The only real thing I have done this summer is the house, so I will have to post a picture of that. And I can post my new scrap room. Unfortunately I had to share some of it with DH! Oh well. Just bought today October 31, B is for Boy and some of my pink stampers stamps so I am hoping to get energized again.

    I will get those pictures taken and posted

  3. I'm still here... I'll get back to you guys about my summer... Just had a couple of tough weeks... Hugs

  4. Diana....the website is still under construction. As a matter of fact, my husband put Hal9000 on the site while trying to figure out how to get things out there. He forgot he put it there until I complained to get it off there. As of this morning, it is still out there!

    The address will be www.playfulscraps.com. I can't wait to get it up and running. My latest files I made are a train and a Thanksgiving bear with pumpkins, leaves and corn. It's really cute and based on one of Griffin's bibs.

    I think I'm going to try to get the train on the site tonight just to see if I can do it.


  5. Wendy, well I can't wait for you to get it up and running. It will definately be bookmarked. :) I bet the Thanksgiving bear is adorable. :) Did you get it updated yet?

    Renee, I hope you are doing ok. You are in my thoughts.

    Natasha, you out there?

  6. Ok, we have 3 of us back...that means we're back to challenges starting this weekend. If someone has something in mind, that's fine otherwise I will post a challenge.

    Then we're back to our regularly scheduled channel as posted on the left.

    That good with you guys...we'll have to search for Natasha!!

  7. I'm here...um I never got the memo that we were gone for the summer, so when no one posted for like months I didn't know what to think and just stopped coming to the blog. Next time you disappear let me know first so I wont think you are dead!!!

  8. I think it just kinda naturally happened...I gained a serious go go butt every weekend (including my wonderful weekends in Michigan to scrap with Renee).

    So what have you been up to Natasha?? I can see you've been doing some super beautiful work!!

  9. Busy summer as well, vacation was very nice...now I'm back in school full time (4 days a week) so I'm even busier.