Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Here are some layouts

First for Diana:

And this one, just needs a title added....I think it's a pretty generic Disney page

And then there are these for MEEEEE, but needs a title....I'm thinking "Pap's Girl".  I made the dress she is wearing.  It matches the rest of the wedding party....I also made their dresses.

And this one.....I'm still working on it though, it's going to be a dress up double layout

And the flower I TRIED to make, tried being the operative word here....I think I might need to try again since I think I did something wrong.  That and you should see the mess I made using the mist.  The first color (the one I wanted that went with my paper) didn't work....the second bottle, just take my word for worked, a little TOO well


  1. the layouts are gorgeous!!!!! don't feel bad that's about how my flower came out but I'm thinking of trying another technique soon =]

  2. I didn't post this past Sunday with a new one because I think I fried my's working again though so look out this Sunday!!

  3. Wendy, your layouts are so adorable. That bear on the layout is so cute. With the dresses, is there anything you CAN'T do?!?! :)

    I don't even know how to express my feeling's for Ryan's page. I need to find a title book or something. That title is so perfect. I am overwhelmed by that page. You keep making me speechless.

    I am going to the Cape next weekend for a scrap weekend, so I can't wait to finally work on my pages. We are putting up a playscape for the kids the weekend so it is going to be pretty busy. Maybe I can get something done. I hear these take a long time to put together. :)

  4. Wendy I love the Ryan pages.. Pretty darn cute kid! The Disney is perfect!

    The Dress Up pages are beautiful! And she makes the dresses!!! Yes Diana she can do it all!

    The flower??? Renee still has not tried that one... I will.. I will!

    Sorry girls the weather here has been so good. We have just been outside! Can't seem to make myself stay in the basement and play with paper!

    I think all our girls do great work!