Tuesday, March 30, 2010

New comments

Hey gals, I have been trying to post comments since yesterday but boxes are not coming up right so figured I would do a new post.

Yeah, I am so glad you like my idea. :) I felt bad that you two kept initiating and I was determined to think of a way to get us all involved.

I started cleaning up my scrapping area last weekend so I have a place to work again. And then with going away and doing some great layouts and some great cards, all I can say was it was hard working yesterday. All I wanted to do was play on blogs. :) Looking up new ideas.

Wendy, I loved the layout you did for the design team. Are you going to be able to spill the beans on which one it is? We want to be your cheering squad. ;)

Renee, did you happen to notice we used the same paper on our B&W layout? :) The friend who hosted this weekend crop is a cm consultant. She had it left over and gave it to me. I thought that was too funny.

Natasha, that dumbo came out adorable. Just so overwhelmed by you guys and the pages that have been done.

I think I know what I want to do as my challenge for next week. My daughter has this cutest nightgown and I thought it would make a cute layout. Reminds me of the one Wendy did with her nephew's toy. I just have to post a picture of it and post. Should do that in the next day or two.

Hope everyone has a good day.


  1. Ok I am going to see if this works...

    Yeah Diana got her layouts!

  2. not sure what was up with the blog and why the pics weren't posting. It seems to be working right now so WOOOHOOOOOO....

    Can't wait to see your challenge Diana, sounds like fun.

    I will send everyone a link to the DT that I have submitted my work to. There are a couple others also but this one just looked like fun. I won't hear anything until the 23rd so I'll be nuts until then.