Thursday, March 4, 2010

We have some pics!!

This is getting it started!!

Here's another....but without sunlight behind me, I'm getting glare!!

There's some overlap of the layout...I'll try to get better pics tomorrow during the day!!  I think these pics of Kenzie are just gorgeous and so much fun to scrap.  Thank you Diana for allowing us to do this!


  1. Thank you to me for allowing you?!?!? OMG, These pages look amazing. I am already thinking about what I can do for you guys. :) Thank you guys! I am sitting here with Kenzie and we are looking at them. She was so surprised to see herself on the puter. She had this strange look like......hey.......that's me! Of course she did say I have to take more pictures of her to fill in the empty spots. Sorry she is critiquing your work Wendy. HA HA.

    So are you happy with the printer Wendy? Do I need to go to Big Lots today? :)

  2. You need to go to Big Lots...I just love it. I'll be honest I adore my other Kodak on better that I got at Ollie's a couple years ago for the same price but his one prints amazing photos too. It's a fantastic price and I just can't say enough about the color ink cart only being $14.97 all the time no matter where you go and the black on is $9.97.

  3. maybe I should read what I type BEFORE I hit post...that or maybe I should have another cup of coffee!!