Monday, March 29, 2010

Black and White Layout

Ok ladies, after this weekend I am totally recharged. (Went away for a scrapping weekend) I had been feeling really down on myself because of all the amazing layouts done for me (sniff, sniff). Just did not think I could compete. But this weekend I did some pretty good layouts and I feel recharged. I got lots of ideas running through my head. First I was thinking that Renee and Wendy you two are initiating all the challenges. How about we all take a week in the Month? Ie Diana 1st, Renee, 2nd,...... Then we have a week we know we have to make everyone else be creative? We can be thinking about layouts, or color combos, or if we want to send out items we can be on the look out to buy and send them to everyone. If there is a 5th week in the month, maybe we can take a week off or we could have a 'free for all'. Everyone do what they feel like for that week and then post. How does that sound?

Ok, on to my layouts.

Here is my black and white layout. I did this one on Sunday morning. I had a headache and got a little lazy with the cricut cuts. I used all stickers except one and even used the frame .

Here are my 2 3 hour layouts. I love Monique Griffith and wanted to use ACY. I think I may even post these in the cartridge challenge for this week.

Kids are getting up so I will respond to everyone later. thought I had a little bit more time! ;)


  1. I'm all for the idea...that keeps everyone with input!!

    Ok, I have this week so I'll take the 4th week, Renee did last week so she can have 3rd week (if that's ok), you want 1st week and Natasha takes 2nd week?

    This is really a fantastic idea!!


  2. Ok Ok ... Some one will have to tell I'll have to look at a calendar!

    Diana your layouts are great! I love them!

    What's up with our blog??? I've got little x's everywhere???

  3. I think there was a problem with the server earlier, I was having the same issues. But now it seems to be working just fine. I couldn't even look at Diana's pics earlier!!

    Try again and let me know what comes up.

  4. Oh Diana...I LOVE THEM. You really do like ACY and I can see why!! The valentine that I made was the first time I had used that type of cutout....I think maybe I should start looking for more to cut in SCAL!!