Friday, March 12, 2010

Too Quiet

Hey Gals, it has been too quiet around here, and yes I have been guilty too. DH got his wisdom teeth out this week, so to say it nice it has been a lonnnnnnggg week. :) I am so excited to go to my monthly crop tomorrow and get some stuff done.

I did do two of Wendy's heart flowers last week. They were really easy to do. I guess I just need longer brads because I could not fit all of the hearts on. :) Last weekend I also made the title for one of my disney pages - the little mermaid. Kenzie can't read it but recognized it the second she woke up from her nap and saw it sitting on the table.

Thanks to Wendy's enabling I got the same photo printer she got, but have not had any time to play with it. I am hoping to this weekend.

The new scrapchick downloads are too cute. Kenzie is going to the dentist for the first time this year so I think I am going to need that alligator. And those free flowers this week are too cute.

So how is everyone else?


  1. I think I let my room get WAY too messy and I can't stand being in here!!! I am going to clean it up this weekend and get back to work. That's my goal for Saturday, to do laundry while cleaning this room and getting everything put away. I also think it's time to let go of some of the stuff that I just haven't used to make room for the stuff I do use....letting go is VERY hard!

    I did start a page for playing dress up (that's what I get for surfing the net) but I'm stumped as to where to take it next. I have ideas in my head but I'm having trouble getting them out on paper.

    I haven't felt so good this week either and that hasn't helped at all. Ask poor Mistie, I go to bed entirely too early because I'm too tired to do anything.

    Ok....I'm getting started but not until a decent hour!!

  2. I tried the heart flowers and I had the same problem with brads being too small. Not sure if I like how mine came out, I've messed with it a thousand times and still not happy with it. I had a good few days off of school, but didn't get alot done except spending time with family. I woke up yesterday with a terrible head cold and even worse today, so I took a midday nap which I never do and havn't been off the couch since. I'm pretty drugged up and in a daze so prob. wont get alot done this weekend.

  3. Sorry girls. I have had a serious computer problem. Ended up wiping everything off of it and starting over. Just trying to get everything back loaded and still have more to do. Lost everything but my pictures for the last couple of years. Having to install all my programs and begin again. Missed a step in downloading the svg files from Media fire Wendy gave us... So all those little files ended up all over my desktop!!! Some of them went to one of those "secret places" deep in the dark places of my computer... Some of it is so funny I laugh till I cry and at other times I just feel like crying!!
    So I have not quit!

    I'll Be Back!

    Having said that ...I have had company this weekend... Went to two brithday parties for our 3 year old... and my farm in Farmville is beautiful! When I want to cry over everything I have lost in this computer, I go to my farm and play! Hugs!