Sunday, March 7, 2010

Hello Sunday Morning and a new challenge

Well, this isn't a challenge but a new technique to try.  I thought since we are all busy with Challenge #9, work, rebuilding our computers, and family, that it was time to try a new technique.  This is a tutorial on how to make paper roses.  For full instructions, click on the Paper Rose Tutorial on the right hand sidebar of our blog.

Here is the rose when completed.

Remember to take a pic of your completed rose when you are done and post on here.  Please don't put it on a page yet though!!
Have a super day


  1. Yeah, I have been wanting to try these for a while. I am going to get my new printer this morning (thank you Wendy) and when I get back I want to try this, along with cutting out my ariel layout. I laid everything out in my gypsy last night, now I just have to cut it out. Of course now that the princess carts are out and Kenzie sees them, she wants every single cut. :) It is going to be a long Sunday for my E. HA HA!

  2. Well I just looked at the tutorial.. love it! Wendy you are so talented!!! And you have a lot of hearts! lol