Sunday, April 4, 2010

Challenge 12

Happy Easter Ladies. Finally had a chance to get this posted. I am glad the holidays are over so I can rest for a bit. So much to do. :)

Well I have wanted to use this as a challenge for a while. My mother had gotten this for my daughter and I thought the colors went so well together. And I think owls seem to be big now and I wanted to try and cut one.

Make anything you want using K's nightgown, card or layout. Enjoy and have fun.

I will probably be doing this one and last week's next week.


  1. LOL Diana...I'm going to join you on doing both this week....

    Did the kids have a good Easter? I need to get my package to you.


  2. Good, I am glad I am not the only one. :) With two Easters celebrations (in-laws Sat and my family Sunday) it was just hard to get any crafting done, even though before kids got up on Sunday morning I did do 3 easter cards. My monthly crop is this weekend and I will get them done then.

    Kids had a great Easter. Ryan had fun finding eggs but he really did not know that there was candy inside. :) K got dora mermaid from inlaws and Sleeping Beauty doll from Easter Bunny and money for bank and new clothes. They made out well. ;)

    How about you guys?

  3. I'll just "hope" to get this one done I guess... I still have to get that Dumbo Page done so I can get Diana's layouts to her... With Easter this week and my sister is getting married this saturday (i'm the maid of honor, of course) I have alot going on so sorry if I'm a bit absent on some of the challenges---I can only do what I can. :)

  4. I just got the cutest owl file to cut with SCAL....after I finish the layout Renee has FORCED and PUSHED me to do....I will work on this challenge!!

    LOL...just kidding about the force, she's been very encouraging through the entire thing!