Friday, April 9, 2010

Happy Freebie Friday

Happy Friday ladies. Looking forward to working on my two challenges this weekend. I promise they will get done because I have a crop tomorrow. :)

Love the new download for today. But that blue bird, he is absolutely adorable. I may have to get him. :)

So we have not talked about Hello Thursday's at all. I know some of us are SCAL people! ;) But has anyone gotten any of the new carts? I got Create a Critter and Nursery Rhymes and am looking foward to playing with them this weekend. But another website (forgot right now) is having a sale on all carts this weekend for $30. I think I may have to get Just Because Cards and Preserves. I hope the new releases next week don't make me drool. :)

Have a good Friday ladies.


  1. let me know how you like the create a critter... i want that one really bad, but if it has a ton of tiny pieces I will probally not get it, it's just soooo cute though.. wow $30 let me know if you know which site that is.

    Is it my turn to post a challenge?? I did finish my b&w challenge and the owl pj's challenge just need to post my pics. I've been sooo crazy busy with my sisters wedding tomorrow and all... only about 4 weeks of school left till summer break so I cannot wait!!!! I'll actually get some scrappy time :)

  2. Natahsa, it is I have Preserves and Just because cards in my cart, but can't seem to push the buy button. :) I want them, I just don't know what my problem is. ;)

    CAC is soooo easy! No small details. The small details area is already cut in each layer. If you go to Pink Stampers website ( she did a cow a while ago. She also did a worm card the other day. You cut base layer and then each layer is the full cut but something is cut out of that layer, so when you put on the next layer, that color shows through. Hard to explain in words, but if you watch the video you will understand what I mean. I am going to play this weekend, but have looked at the book a bunch of times. Almost all cuts are either 2 or 3 layers, very very easy to put together.

    I think it is your turn for a challenge. I think you are after me. I think Renee is 1st, then Wendy, me and then you. What shall we do for you? ;)

    Don't worry too much about our challenge until after tomorrow. I think you are going to be busy. Have a great time! :)

  3. Breathe Natasha,'ll make it through and it will be so beautiful. It's amazing that a wedding takes months of planning and then is over so quickly!!