Monday, April 12, 2010

Good Morning!!

Well ladies, I took the entire weekend off from EVERYTHING.  I went to Pittsburgh and sat around with my feet propped up, read some books and just enjoyed the sunshine and visiting my husband's family.  I didn't get caught up on anything my relaxing and just enjoying time off. did the wedding go?  Are you ready to post a challenge or should we just have the week off and get back on track next week?

Diana and Renee...did you get your emails?

Have a great day!


  1. Yeah, one is back. Where are the other two. It has been kinda lonely here all weekend. Glad you had a nice time Wendy. :) I did get my email, did you get my reply! ;)

    Renee, hope you are feeling better. :)

    Natasha, hope all that partying did not put you down for the count too bad! ;)

  2. Ok... wedding went off without a hitch, it was VERY stressful (my sister was in tears the night before) SOOOOO glad it's over!!!! only a few more weeks of school!!! I will get a challenge posted... i know it's late, but we will just be late.... sorry!!!

  3. No worries! This blog is NOT supposed to be stressful! How about we all start new next Sunday? I'm good with whatever you decide Natasha! I'm still recovering from my computer crash. ugg... Wendy, starting last night, is reteaching me how to use Scal and all things to do with that... svg files ... from the beginning. Protect your memories girls. Stress took mine away. This is not a joke! Ask Wendy. Scary. To day I am going shopping in the rain. .. Recovering from a sinus/lung infection... so I am out of the house today. Since it is raining there should be "no pollen" right? No Stress Natasha!