Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Challenge (sorry I'm late)

Ok, guess I'm supposed to post the challenge for this week so here's what I came up with. I love how all the trees are blooming this time of year so I thought it appropriate to do a "tree challenge".
You can make a card or layout any size.
You must have a tree: can be in the pic, a cut, stamp etc... as long as there is a tree....
Have fun & happy spring everyone!!! :)


  1. Cool challenge! I know Straight from the Nest has some cool trees on there I have wanted to try. :) I better use this cart for the price I paid for it! ;)

  2. Natasha....there is no late on this blog. No stress, no grief, no late. That's just how it is. If we need to take a week off, we will but don't ever worry about being late.

    I love the challenge....I think I know which pics I will use!!


  3. I am going to do this challenge but I probably will not get it done on time!!! IIIIiieeeEEEE!