Tuesday, April 20, 2010

New Technique! Challenge!

Hi Everyone!

This week's challenge is to find, try and show a new technique!
You don't have to make a video but please post pictures or post the link on this blog. It could be something you have come up with or one you found! Maybe it is just a "thing" that makes the page move along for you.

I'm still thinking about the tree challenge... just like everyone else, I got busy! Spring is here and it is hard for me to stay inside!


  1. Oh a new technique! I guess I am going to have to find one. ;) I actually bought the digital images that Dustin Pike had on sale yesterday to try, but I need to get some watercolor paper and pencils. And since I am in a SU club I was going to get those there but my order does not go in until the beginning of the month and by the time I get my stuff this challenge will be over. :) So I will have to find another one.

    I have been bad too. I have not gotten the tree challenge done. I went away this past weekend and got nothing done. :( I still have to get my CFS done by next week too. And this weekend I need to get kids stuff together for a town consignment sale next weekend too. But the bright spot, CKC Manchester NH is next weekend and that means shopping! :)

  2. At this point for me, scrapping is a new technique...does that count??

  3. HA! That is a good one Wendy. :) :)