Sunday, June 6, 2010

Happy Sunday

Ok, I think I am finally ready to really play. I finally have a area where I can work. My MIL and I worked on Friday and organized my whole area. They were giving away furniature at work because we moved and I got a desk, a rolly cart a 6 ft tall cabinet and 3 tables. I had no area to work before and it was really discouraging. I now have a place to work and maybe skype if I can get that set up, if you guys will allow outsiders. ;) And Wendy I also finally was able to find a place to set up my printer you said I needed :) so I can finally use it. May help me to get some stuff done. But I was working on cards yesterday and did more CFS so figured I would post those so it looks like I have been doing something. I have a few cards to do today and then I want to try and do my tree layout. I did do some cuts and laid it out. Just have to finish it. (just realized when I posted I should have cleaned my desk first, laid out my cards to take a picture of them and a few of the kids toys are out. :) ) Renee I was also organizing my swaps and I found the doll swap we did and organized and put it in a book, remember that? And the one that brought us together, I found the children's stories. Just have to put those in books now. Ok long winded, have a good day.


  1. Hey girl, I love the cards. I am sure the guys and gals appreciate them.

    I like the new scraping area. Your MIL is a special lady! lololol Does she scrap also?

    Glad you are back with us...and yes you can join the skype team! OK Wendy I think you are going to need another "monitor"! Know anyone who could set that up for us? :)

  2. Love your scrap space Diana! Happy scrapping! :)

  3. Great space Diana....we'll get you going!! I think I have the same 6 foot cabinet you have. My husband got mine at work also. Mine comes apart into two sections, both with 4 drawers each. I absolutely love it!!

  4. My MIL does not scrap, but she makes cards.

    Mine does not come apart, my husband would have been so pleased. No, he and a friend had to carry that big heavy thing in all in 1 piece. He was not too thrilled. Now that everything is more organized, he is a little more understanding.

    Mistie, good to hear from you. We still need to meet up, don't we!? :)

  5. Love your new setup Diana! Now you can REALLY get busy, lol!!