Monday, June 7, 2010

New Challenge for week of 6-6

Ok, I got a little nervous about this. I had no idea what to do and had not even thought of this. So on my way to work an idea came to me. How about a little care package we can exchange with each other. Just a little something to let the other know they are thinking of you. Maybe a few things they could use, ie a blank card (I need to get away from the cards, I know! ;)) some embelishments, paper, a cuttlebug folder, a album to alter. In organizing my room I know I have some things I can share, I don't have to buy anything. But I can let my parter have fun with something new.

To make it fair I put our names on a piece of paper and asked my boss randomly pick our teams.

Renee it is you and I and Wendy and Natasha.

Hope this sounds ok. Guess we can have a extra week to get stuff together and mail it out.


  1. Oh MAN! Does it have to be something new!!

    LOL ;)

  2. LOL...Renee, you are a nut!!

    Ok Natasha...what have you been wanting to try or what do you like to use most?? Am I allowed to get hints??

    Favorite color, favorite paper, favorite pretty please!!

  3. uhhhh, no idea!!! i've been spoiling myself with my stamps and copics lately LOL so I really have no clue... pink is my fav color

    how about you... any ideas hints, new things you wanna try????

  4. Renee, no it does not have to be something new. :) Just a little something to share. ;)

    Renee, I had some ideas in mind but anything specific you are looking for?

  5. I had an idea for this... or maybe for another time but I thought it would be cool to send cuts and maybe a few embellies that would make like a page kit. We would just use our own 12x12 paper to save from shipping that. It would be inexpensive for sure.

  6. Natasha...that's exactly what I was thinking!! Is that ok with you?

  7. Diana, No, I am the kind that if I want to try something new I just borrow it from my girlfriends or go buy it, try it and stick it back somewhere and in a few years it is overdue, out of date, lost its color, went flat, the elastic is out of it.... or it is brand new again because I forgot all about it!!! So actually I have new surprises all the time!!!

    I do wish I could remember where I put my ipod I got last Christmas... No joke there...

    Old, new, homemade or bought or borrowed it is all a SURPRISE!!! ... and I will just love it!

    Just send'r'on!

  8. yeah, that is fine with me Wendy :)