Sunday, June 27, 2010

What I have learned this weekend.......

What I have learned this weekend:

1.  Miss Renee is a hoot to spend time with
2.  JoAnn's really does shock you when it has 2 floors
3.  I adore Archivers
4.  Hobby Lobby really does exist
5.  You can live on pizza all weekend
6.  Lack of sleep does not affect how well you can farm on facebook instead of scrap.

Although we didn't get our challenge done, I would not have changed my weekend for anything in the world.



  1. Awe you were not supposed to tell about the farming!... I sent you a truffle...

  2. Wow I have missed alot... sorry girls I was MIA there for a bit, yes we are all feeling better here at camp Sparkman. My finals were Monday for my summer class so that is over, my son won the championship in baseball this week also so that is finally over too. We leave Friday afternoon for vacation (Myrtle Beach,SC) and I cannot wait!!! I did manage however to get Wendy's challenge package ready and it's going out today, I'm sure she thought I had forgotten but I havn't!!! I'm sure I'll have plenty of pics after vacation for the HOT SUMMER etc.. challenge it'll be late but, well I always am LOL...