Sunday, June 6, 2010

Here is what I worked on this weekend......

My girlfriend is getting married in September and somehow I managed to get roped into helping.  She insists she is not crafty but has wonderful ideas and knows if she comes to my house, we make her idea happen.  Her wedding colors are Black, White and deep deep purple (almost black).  They are rather pretty together.  These are some of the things we made for her.

The glasses she had seen in Wegman's but they didn't have her initial so she took pics and asked if they could be made.
I finally had an opportunity to kiss cut vinyl.  I must say, there is a BIG difference in using Cricut Vinyl and using Wall Pops.  The cricut vinyl went on so much easier!!

We also made matching candle holders.  These will be partially filled with black fish stones and votive candals go in the centers.  She saw this at the Hallmark store and again, another picture for me.

And then she decided that she needed a LARGE candle holder that matched the bride and groom glasses (the only ones with the H's on them)

We also made tags for her memorial flowers
Then we also designed and printed her invitations and response cards.  This was an issue because I couldn't get word to work right to keep it all centered and positioned.

And I cut 100 6 x 6 black netting squares for some of the table decorations (still need to do 150 more)

Ok, I think that's what we finished this weekend.  I still need to make the card box, find table clothes and a few other odds and ends and she should be ready.

Things I've learned this weekend:

1.  Pigment ink is ALOT different than a water based ink
2.  To print sideways on your printer use landscape (not that I don't work with word every day at work and have for the last 17 years at work!!)
3.  Look through the entire box of invitations BEFORE you start just making your own response cards
4.  Run the other direction if your good friend asks if you would mind making a couple small things for their wedding!!


  1. Wendy! Wow! That is just so pretty! I love the glasses.. the candle holders are beautiful.
    Just wow! That's a lot of work!

    Can you teach me how to do that ?

    You never cease to amaze me!!!

    And she works too!!!

  2. Thank you so much. If I have a picture, I can usually figure out how to make it or I drive myself nuts until I do.

  3. OH my GOSH this looks sooo familiar, you are bringing back nightmares from late march early April when I did my sisters wedding, LOL.... tooooo much work (I swear I am going MIA if she ever gets married again, LOL) GOOD LUCK!!!!

  4. Those are absolutely beautiful. You did an amazing job. You sure have been busy. I love #4! HA HA!