Wednesday, June 2, 2010

My Messy Desk


Wendy gave me a copy of this layout... I have used, abused and changed it alot! lol The bear is sitting in a chair. I did not see that until toooo late to use it!

The Tear Bear is my second. Trust me the first one was a lot easier for some reason. I have no clue where his eyes went! I'm laughing... and hunting!!! Maybe have to make a whole new set or give him some of those rolly polly eyes! Well girls that's it... for today... Now let's see what you girls have been up too!

Diana did you ever get your Disney pictures on those pages we made and sent to you? I sure would love to see them.

Natasha now that school is out show me some of the swaps you are working on for the Cricut Message Board.

Wendy lets see all that new stuff you bought at the SUPER Joann's in New England!!!

I guess I could post a picture of my crippled ankle... I has every color of the rainbow too!!! Yes even Green!! ugh!!
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