Monday, June 14, 2010's your week for a challenge

Good Morning all.....I know this is a very busy week for me since I'm off to Mistie's on Wednesday until Sunday.  It's Griffin's first birthday party.  So I'm not sure how much time I have to finish a challenge but I'm ready to try.

Natasha.....would you like to post?

Have a great day ladies


  1. Wow, he is 1 already!?!? Amazing. Happy Birthday Griffin! :)

    Renee, I am still working on your package. Found out on Friday my son has tested positive for lead in his blood and my mojo is out the window. But I am forcing myself do a few things. Helps me keep my mind off of stuff. So by the end of the week your package will be on its way. :)

  2. sorry... my daughter and i have been sick for two days and really have nothing to be honest.