Sunday, January 24, 2010

Challenge # 4

Posted by PicasaThis was fun!  Pearls are on the flowers.  I added
a few more. I use glue to hold the glitter on the black.
The hearts I have been saving for just this page! 
The "admire" brad was my color scheme. 
Thanks Natasha


  1. Oh Renee, how precious is that page! It is just beautiful

    I better get my tushy in gear. You both finished your challenge this week already! I was just happy I finished last weeks challenge finally!

  2. That is absolutely GORGEOUS!! What is the black swirl thingy? I think I really really need that!! Please tell me where you found it!! I normally use rhinestones or stickles to do that but the black is just beautiful.

    That layout does an excellent job of showcasing the beautiful baby! Nice job Renee!

  3. OOOOOOH!!! Tooo cute!! I just love newborn babies... your layout is very pretty!! So sweet, I can't believe how quickly you girls are finishing this challenge!! I know I prob. will be the end of the week at least because of 2 big tests I have to study for. One on Tuesday and one on Thursday.

  4. The black swirl is a sticker! Brand name is:
    Decorative Sticker Books
    Book 1

    I think if you go to American Crafts you could maybe find it??? I don't know this...

    I must tell you there are eight pages in this book of black stickers and no two are alike. I have tried to duplicate this "swirl" with "stamps". I have purchased two swirl stamps and have gotten very close... which is why I used this "sticker" now... I was not sure how the "glitter" would stick, to the sticker, but that seems to have worked too. I have glitter everywhere... static electricity is not my friend!

    I bought them at a store that was going out of business.. The beautiful baby is Miss Madison. It is the first picture I ever took of her. Day One of her beautiful life! She was still in the hospital. I updated a picture I had hung on my kitchen wall(this is the picture I took down) and I have to tell on myself... lol I am going to frame this "layout" and hang it in my scrap room!

    The hearts are wooden. They are "gift tags" I found in a clearance bin somewhere?? I cut the strings off and covered the hole with bows I purchased at a lsbs.

  5. Beautiful layout Renee! I often frame my layouts and hang them on the wall or give them as gifts :) That one is perfect to frame and hang. So pretty!