Sunday, January 10, 2010

My Scraplifted layout

Ok, not sure how to do this or if it is going to work. May have to send my info to Wendy.

Here is the layout I scraplifted. From monkeydoodle cricut, Monique Griffith. I could not (and still have not) decided which pictures I wanted to put on the page, but I knew which layout I wanted to scraplift. Finally figured out as I was getting ready for my crop I wanted to use Dinosaur Tracks because I had not used it yet. Started doing the layout and realized there were just too many layers to the dinos and I was talking WAY to much to do them all. So I decided to do the fossils. Now when I cut them out on my gypsy, they did not line up very well. But since this is only for me, it did not bug me too much! ;) I thought it added to the whole fossil, old feel to it. Here is my scraplifted layout.


  1. Oh I love it!! Very Cute! I have not seen anything with Dino Tracks.. Very Cute!!

    How do you like your Gypsy? I would love to try one out... Don't want to put that much money into something I don't think I could see very well. Is that a problem? I have perfect vision with glasses or course.. lol... but do you find that to be a problem? I like that I can make my page 200% in Design Studio. Please tell me all... I've vowed not to even think about one... until the next Black Friday...LOL

  2. Thank you Renee. :) I actually LOVE my gypsy. I don't have a craft area in my house, except on my 3 season porch which cannot be used now! ;) So if I am going to craft, I have to pull everything out. So I can design in the nice warm house and then pull out my E when I want to cut. I love the search feature on it. Use it all the time. Love being able to lay everything out on the mat. Now yes, I do have DS, but it is on 'DH's computer' so the desk is a mess and I could never get in there to work or cut. Plus when I bought it I got the $100 credit (which I got Dino tracks, 2 of the winter seasonal carts and 4 cuttlebug folders) and 700 rewards points, which is another cart bascially (I have like 1600 points now). So it was very worth it to me. Yes, it is small and I still like using the booklets to see everything. To me that is the only downside.

  3. I go back and reread alot.. the old memory... WOW Diana you got a read deal on that Gypsy... good for you...:)