Thursday, January 21, 2010

Renegade C and R

They were here this morning just laying on my layout waiting for me to glue them down. I wasn't sure is that was the right place for them.....tonight I come home to work on my layout and they are GONE!!

**Nana is wondering at this point just what the cat did with my letters!!**


  1. You are a funny girl!!
    Well did you find them??

  2. They're in CT. Come and get them! :D

  3. Oh MY!! Is it cold there too???
    I am so ready for Spring....

    Everyone is waiting for tomorrow to post layouts???

    I'm finished with the string!
    Now I need to figure out what to do with this ribbon!!! I am not a ribbon girl! I can put it on cards but layouts... Creative Memories has "paper ribbon" that I've used...
    Still having issues with my pictures so I can't print those yet.. :( so my layout will not have all the pictures I want on them but I have an idea!!! About time lololo!!!