Saturday, January 16, 2010

My freezer paper onsie!

Here is my newest creation....I'm thrilled with how it turned out!! This is done with a cut file in SCAL. If anyone wants the file, send me your email and I will send it to you.



  1. Freezer Paper? Who did you make this for? Details girl? I want to hold the baby.. not just see the onsie! Wendy this is just precious! I remember when my girls were that small! :) Now wouldn't that be just darling on a page! :)

    I may have to take another look at SCAL...

  2. The freezer paper T's you can make without SCAL or any extra program. Instead of putting down cardstock or paper, you use a piece of freezer paper. The freezer paper than becomes your stencil. You iron it onto a shirt and start painting with fabric paint.

    It's for Griffin, Mistie's adorable baby. I have gotten him his first halloween and thanksgiving bibs, his my first christmas here is his my first valentine's day shirt. Cost me all of $2.50 to make!!

  3. Very cute Wendy. He is going to look so handsome in that, but he is handsome anyway. :) I have to figure out how to do these. I want to make some for friends kids, and mine too. :)

  4. very cute, I have played with the freezer paper a bit however when my hubby got his three deer this year he used it all up packageing up the meat so I need to get some more and maybe give it another go.

  5. It's really not hard at all, just for heavens sake put a piece of freezer paper inside the shirt so the paint does not bleed through to the back.

    They are very addicting!! I'll warn you now.

  6. I checked out some videos today on you tube. It does not look hard at all! I am going to have to try a few of these. That is how I learned to etch too, by watching videos. I love you tube! I am a visual learner.

    Natasha, I better not tell my husband about your husband. He went twice this year (2 1 weeks and actually a few weekends) and he got nothing. He was so dejected! A few of his friends each got one, but he got nothing. We live in CT but he goes in NH. And he went to a game dinner (all game meat is eaten) last night and he won a tree stand. So hopefully next year he will have better luck! ;)