Friday, January 22, 2010

Challenge #4

OK!!! Here it is challenge #4.... rules are as follows:

1. You do not have to use all of what I sent but part of each.
2. Follow the color theme in your package.
3. Have FUN!!! --- that's it, wish I were more creative but I guess easier is better right??

Can't wait to see what you girls make. I may be sitting the week out due to homework, uggg, blaaah etc... we'll see if I get any scrappy time this week, I also need to help my children start their valentines... so much to do so little time. I need lots of prayers for school girls it's already doing me in after 2 weeks :(


  1. I think you deserve a HUGH pat on the back for being in school!! Way to go girl....and you know you can do it!!

  2. Thanks! It's a huge adjustment since I havn't studied in over 10 years... I hope I get used to the work load soon, so far I very lucky with my classes having nice professors etc... so I'm thankful for that.