Wednesday, January 6, 2010

I made a flower!!

The stickles are still drying...but how does it look? I've been wanting to make my own flowers because I can never find exactly what I am looking for when I'm doing a layout.


  1. Beautiful! Yup you mastered that task! ;)

  2. Stunning! How did you creat it? Tell all please.

    I just about have my layout finished...

    Oh and when are we going to know about the "letters" in our blog?

  3. It's an .svg file from If anyone has SCAL (I don't think you guys do though), I will happily send you the file for all the flowers.

    If you want any cut, I will gladly do that. Then you can chalk and stickle to your hearts content. These are chalked with a bit darker pink and then all the tips stickled with Star Dust stickles.

    I wonder what people did before stickles???