Sunday, February 21, 2010

Challenge #7 Completed

This is using the Snowman Collection (snowmen) and the Whimsical Winter Collection (birds).  All the paper was what I had on hand.  I even used pictures, Mistie will be so proud.


  1. Your car is in Michigan! I saw it in a parking lot... You better come get it now because we are getting hit again tonight! More SNOW YYYYYEEEEEAAAAA HHHHHHH!!!
    Yeah right!
    I love your layouts!!! just toooo cute!!!
    The BIRDS are MINE!!! They are flying away to me!!! lolol

  2. love the layout!!!! ok, can i just saw---- NO MORE SNOW!!!!!!!!!! =] ready for spring

  3. I'm all for the NO MORE SNOW!! I need to figure out if they are still calling for that storm this week....I'm hoping it isn't coming

  4. Monday morning 8:30 am... I have alllllll the snow here... Your car is in my back yard Wendy!!!

    I'm looking for the birds!!!