Saturday, February 13, 2010

Challenge #7 (due 2/21/10)

GOOD MORNING LADIES!! Here comes Challenge #7 and you guessed it, it involves SCAL2.

The file I'm going to share with you includes size circles (yeah I know you're thinking what the devil is she talking about???). The size circles allow you to create perfect size pieces for layering. I use the color files when I import the .svg into SCAL2. With each color comes a small circle that needs matched to the next color. Please remember to hit keep proporations BEFORE you start sizing your file. Also remember when placing your file on your mat that SCAL2 is about 1/4 off when you cut. Please use some scrap paper for playing BEFORE you use your beautiful paper to cut your first thing.

So here's the challenge: Using the following file, create a double page layout (can be 12 x 12 or any size you want) but you must have at least 4 photo mats, 4 colors, 4 embellishments and at least 1 item from the SCAL file that I picked.

SNOWMANCOLLECTION...I will email each of your the file. Let me know if you don't get it. If there are any people joining us, please email me at with CHALLENGE #7 in the subject and I will get you the file as well. If you don't have SCAL2, that is not a problem....there is a PDF file that will allow you to print the file and hand piece it.



  1. we just have to use SOMETHING off the scal right?? there was alot in there, lol might not be able to fit it all...

  2. Yup, at least 1 item from that collection. I should have put that in there in the beginning...but I have changed it to show that.

  3. I'm on webcam now showing Renee about the sizing circle. Her first item is now cut!! Wooohoooo Renee!!

  4. ok so on the size circle, if it is 2" for layer one, it needs to be 2" for layer 2,3 etc... right? Is that how that works? I still havn't cut anything my hubby just told me to get ready we are taking the kids to grandma and going out tonight, wooohooo!!! I'll have to work on my stuff later =)

  5. Wondered who you were typing tooo!!! lololo
    Yeah I did it!!! OH I LOVE THIS!!!

  6. GGGGooooo Natasha and have fun!!!

  7. This sounds confusing, right now. I have to sit and read through everything. I have not bought SCAL2 yet, but sounds like I better just go it. Natasha's enthusiasm is getting contagious. ;)

    My challenge is done. I will post it a little bit later. Just checking in quick.

  8. Alright, I sucked it up and did it. I just bought SCAL2. Now I just can't wait to get my confirmation code to download. I was not going to be left out in the cold. ;) Wendy you are such an enabler. ;) LOL! Now I guess I am going to have to get my cricut out more.

    On a side note Wendy, I tried to go to Tuesday Mornings the other night. Guess I should have gone sooner, it closed. :( My mom told me where she thought it was and I was like, it's not here?!?! :)

  9. Ok, it's downloaded, now I just have to figure out how to work it! :)

  10. i made my first cuts with my SCAL2 and i love it!!! however, i am still having trouble figuring out this sizing circle thing, i cut a snow man *white part* at 5" so the sizing circle was like .31 so do i just try to make the sizing circle .31 in all the other layers??? help i am confused, i cannt get the other layers to be porportionatly sized so that the little circle is exactly .31 i don't even know if i'm trying to do it right. I just quit after one layer and will try again tomorrow--at least i can figure out the simple stuff got a title and a frame cut and flocked the "snow" also added some glitter to my flock to make it sparkle =]

  11. Ok, here's what I do (I watched a YouTube video on You import the first color and make it the size you want it. You can then cut that color OR,

    You can then import the second color and to get the sizing right you click "keep proportions" and stretch the second color until the size circle is the same size. You drag the second color over the first color to check it.

    I import all colors doing this method so I can cut all my colors at once.

    Here is a video from but not the video I watched at first. The one I watched did a teapot but I can't find that one right now.

    They have alot of fantastic videos on their site. I see there are some new ones added so I am going to give it another look!

  12. Oh...if you don't want to put all the colors on the same mat and cut it...

    You size up and cut your first color, then leaving the first color on the mat, you import your next color. Click keep proportions, stretch the next color until the sizing circle is the same. You lay the second color over the first color to check it. When you have the sizing circles the same, you delete the first color, move the second color on the mat where you want it to cut and taadaaaa, you cut it.

    With SCAL2 we have added benefits about layers and such that I just haven't used. I just figured out that if I import the layers file I can highlight the entire thing, ungroup and then move pieces around on my mat so I can use all my scraps and cut all the colors on 1 mat. My mat looks like a puzzle with all the colors on it right before I load it into my cricut to cut.

    Please please please remember, that where you place the shape to cut on the mat on your screen is about 1/4" off from where it will cut so I make sure I allow for that when placing my pieces on the screen.

    I will gladly turn on my webcam for you guys if you want to see it in person or you can watch one of scrappydews videos...just let me know.


  13. i think i got it now... just takes a bit of practice I guess and so will piecing it all together??? how do you figure out what goes where lol