Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Butterfly Fly Away

We were snowed in yesterday, so no school for the kids and no class for me last night (yeah!!!) so this is what I did. It is inspired by the song in the Hannah Montana movie, my daughters favorite. The butterfly is from the HM cart and the tree is from my new Heritage cart, title is Opposites attract... lots of inking, perfect pearls--wish you could see the sparkle better but my pics didn't come out too well.


  1. That is absolutely gorgeous! You did a fantastic job. I'm snowed in today so it's my turn to create something. Hmmmmmmmmm, what to do

  2. That is gorgeous Natasha! By the way, what are you going to school for?

  3. Very Very very pretty... Is that 12 X 12? I love the inking and pearls... what font is it?

    I too am snowed in... we went out. Road were not plowed... Our state,county is so broke. We got about a foot of snow. ugg
    Just add it on top of the other... ugg ugg

  4. My Valentine cards went postal today...
    Sorry they will be late arriving. Save some candy and enjoy them next week some time. Usually takes 6 days to get to NC... who knows how long it will take to make it out of Michigan and to your doorstep!!

    Heads up!!

    I stuffed your envelopes with two challenges. Just set it all aside and I will tell you what we are doing soon... :)

  5. font is oppostites attract welded in DS... I'm getting my Associate degree in Medical Assisting.

  6. I have Opposites Attract and it never looked that good!

  7. Natasha, you are not helping with me not wanting the Hannah Montana cart. ;) There seems to be so many good cuts from that cart. People have been making some beautiful pages from HM.

    Your page is just georgous. I love everything about it. Wonderful job.