Thursday, February 4, 2010

Challenge 6

Ok, I guess it is my turn. Now I know I have not finished Challenge 4, but I have been working a lot of OT because of mutiple issues at work. I plan to get it done this weekend. So at the same time I want to work on my Challenge, which I have had in mind for a week now.

So the Challenge is to use a cut on any cartridge that is not the main key, ie a special function key (is that what they are called?) . This is a big challenge for me. I am always using only the main key and I don't use all the other great cuts that are available. I hope this is a challenge enough for you. I know it will be for Wendy because of SCAL. :)

Have fun!


  1. Oh my...that is a challenge!! I'm actually going to have to pull out my carts and remember what I have! This is a good one!

  2. lv2scrap02

    I love the snowflake with the kids. Came out awesome

    Nice work

  3. Oh oh oh...guess what I did tonight. My grandson and I were designing his valentines tonight and I refused to open SCAL to work on them. He wanted red cards, yellow dinosaurs and blue hearts.

    So I pulled Paperdolls and Plantin and away I went....I even used Accessory1 for my cuts....WOOOHOOOOOOOO


  4. Oh Wendy I am so proud of you! :)

  5. I must say though that I'm torn....MTC is on sale until Feb 15th for $58 and change. I'm really debating on having it.

    Help me decide you guys....that's a great price, but should I have DS, SCAL, and MTC???

  6. I'm laughing here!!!

    Well YES since you have agreed to make us "anything"... lol

    Well NO you already have DS and SCAL.. and you can make us anything with those two!!

    Well YES since I sent you all of those sites on files you can down load and use MTC... and you said you would make us anything...

    Well NO you already have so many carts that you can use DS ... and you said you would cut us anything...

    Well YES I think that would just "top off" all the cuts you can make for all of us!!! You said you would make us anything!!!

    Go for it! Then you can make us anything!!!! LOLOLOL ;)

  7. That about sums up what's going through my head right now...thank you so much for putting it in words!!'re BAD BAD BAD!!

  8. No pressure... No pressure....

    YES BAD! It's a good kind of bad! LOL

    So what did you decide?.. You can cut us anything!!! lololol

    I don't know!!! You funny girl!!!

  9. MTC?? I don't think i know what that is??? I guess my sons class is doing valentines...I didn't think they were so now i have about 25 more valentines to complete about 3 or 4 teacher ones... and the one's I'm sending!!! ahhhh and it's superbowl weekend guess i better get off here and get to work!!!

  10. Make The Cut

    I'll try and send you a link.. if I remember...

  11. Natasha....along the lines of SCAL, just another program. I just adore SCAL though and have no complaints. Do I really need another program? I can still create in MTC, save the file as an SVG and open it in SCAL and cut it...just not sure that I really need it.

    Oh decisions, decisions...'s currently in my cart sitting on an open window just in case I have a moment of weakness and hit pay now.

  12. OMG, MTC is on sale??!?! I did not hear this! But then again you can't talk about it on the boards. Oh gosh I was to limit myself to only buying 1 thing this week. I wanted to get the Easter cart because I am doing cards for soliders. This round is Easter/Spring carts so I figured that was a good excuese to buy it. So I guess I could buy Easter this week and MTC next. Oh now I have decisions decisions! I need to go look at the site.