Friday, February 26, 2010

Lion Freebie

Is that new lion download not the cutest!? I can't wait to use him on one of Ryan's layouts. I am so glad you told us to sign up for their freebie Wendy.

I am very tempted to buy the other books too! I have not cut out my bunny yet (yes I know I am starting to get behind), but they are so cute. And they don't look too hard to put together. Could make cute mini albums! :)


  1. that's what i thought!!! but i resisted... for now hehe

  2. I too had visions of bunnies and lambs dancing in my head!... That lion realllly Gggrrrrrowld at me!

    Diana you are not getting behind... This blog with challenges should not make you feel like you are getting behind in "one more thing"! That should not be your first thought. The "thinking behind this blog" is to get caught up! So let's start with the latest challenge and go from there. It's supposed to be fun for all, and all for fun!!!

    So throw the eggs away and begin again!!!
    I have a cute bunny page and like Wendy... my colors just went wacky.. lol!!! So a tornado hit one page and I'm not sure anyone will ever see that one!!! lolololol

  3. Throw the eggs away, are you crazy! You never throw anything away! ;) You never know when you can use it. I just am frustrated because all my scrapping time last weekend went to learning, and cutting in SCAL and then piecing together. Everything looks really cute, just have not put the whole together. Then I still have to cut my bunny. And this weekend I am going to Hartford (one town over, like 10 minutes away) for the weekend to scrap . But no electricity for cricut. So again, behind. Hopefully I can get the bunny cut tomorrow morning before I leave and piece them together tomorrow. I would love to make one for a friend's kids who I am seeing next weekend.

    Renee, LOL on the page, tornado colors, huh?!?! :)

  4. Don't ever buy anything from there without it being 50% off. We'll all have to go together if we agree on a file or something and split the cost...cheaper for all of us!

    There's another site that does a free weekly file too....let me go see if I can find it too.

  5. Wendy you GO girl!! Find those beautiful free files!!

    Diana I don't think I could go away from home scrapbooking "WITHOUT MY CRICUT!" I could not do that... My cricut is my main tool! My best friend... my baby!!! My girl!

    Natasha how was that test? Is it snowing at your house?

    I am so sick of snow... just so sick of snow!!!