Friday, February 19, 2010

Let It Snow! Scal challenge...


Used free scal file from Wendy...
Paper I had on hand... Some Creative Memories (CM)
Punched Snowflake is the New CM Snowflake Punch
I am loving Stickles!!! Never new I loved glitter!!
The Three Snowman head "frame" is "covered with
Snowflakes Chunky Glitter Glue... clearance bin
I sure do love SCAL!!!! I'm converted!!!

Thanks for looking! I enjoyed making this one!!
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  1. awww. your snowman is super cute,it all turned out great!!!! I know i LOVE scal too!!! =]

  2. Ok, that's just beautiful!! I want to know what you used on the big tree for the snow and how you did it.

    Details girl, details!!

  3. Ok details...
    The "tree snow" is:

    for decorating paper and fabric
    White Opal
    Made in the USA
    By Ranger

    The tree "curled up" so I made it 2D with "pop foam"..

    I tried to imagine the snow swirling... like it will be doing again in my backyard, again today! I have so had enough of this!

    I "smeared" the liquid pearl .... I like that effect .. when that dried I added platinum Stickles... by "smearing" I mean just that.. I don't care for a lot of glitter in clumps. Which is what I do lol. So I take the "tip" of the bottle and rub it around and thin it out. I even take my finger and take it off if I still think it is "just too much" glitter...

    I used my Pearlescent chalks on just about everything.. I used 4 shades of blue on all the snow to get the effect I liked and then use the stickle platinum on that..

    I was a pearlescent, platinum glitter girl when I was finished!

    This is the second time I have written this.. I forgot and "went to look at the page".. came back and had to start this comment over.. so if I have left anything out you want to know about just ask.. lololo

    I think I started the first post with
    Good Morning! lololol

  4. Renee, your page came out awesome. I love it. I was thinking I would only use snowmen, but I actually like the way the frames came out. May have to try one of those.

    I started using my SCAL today. There is a little bit of a learning curve. I am hoping to get through the learing curve tonite and then try and cut everything tomorrow. One of the files, the brrr, came through gigantic! Like 333 inches or something crazy. Not sure if I am doing something wrong. Just gotta work through it...the learning curve! :)