Sunday, February 7, 2010

Tigger Valentine Day Card


Wendy's challenge # 5
Valentine Card made with Pooh and Friends cart
Used paper on hand. Some have stickles and
no two are alike.
Used my cuddlebug and eye chalk.

Diane's Challenge # 6
Going to combine the two... Hope that is okay.
I always use all of the functions... I love
the layer look. Tigger has 6 different cuts
on his beautiful face!

Just had a duh moment... I should have made some
of these for my little nieces and nephews...
Oh well I guess I need to get to work!
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  1. Ohhh Renee, you are slick. Good idea. ;) That is an adorable card. He came out so cute.

    I have all kinds of ideas running through my head for Valentines for next year. Hopefully I can get her potty trained and she can go to school. ;)

  2. Ok Ok OKAY I'll do something else for challenge 6....

    Super Bowl....