Saturday, February 20, 2010

Bunny Town Challenge # 8

Hi everyone!

Scal will be used in Challenge # 8

Please use your Bunny Town file you got from Wendy! I don't care which file you use in Bunny Town but I want you to use the Eggs I sent in your Valentine envelope. You don't have to use both... I don't like "tacky" either... lol Anyone else that would like to join in, let me know and Wendy or I can get you the svg file.

I am not going to hold you to a double page layout for those that are swampppped at work but please try to use the Bunny Town file...

I know there is probably something I have left out.. so let me know if you have questions...


  1. That is one of my favorite files....I just love the town!! After I post this one, I will be getting to work on it.

    Thank you for pointing out there were eggs in my envelope, I just found them!!

  2. I did not see the eggs either. :/ I will have to go find the envelope.

    Looking forward to using that bunny file, he is too cute.

    I am hoping I can get that file done next weekend. I am going to a all weekend crop in the next town over. But if you wanted to bring a cricut it was $85 for a line (for electricity) but you could split it with 2 people. This was on top of the already $60 I paid. Needless to say I did not sign up for it. So I may have to get stuff cut before I go. I plan on working on stamping for CFS and my POTD album. I have to do my album from Disney when I went in December. And I have not done any in my POTD (picture of the day) album since October. My albums are the picfolios from CM, not traditional scrapbook pages.

  3. Ok Diana... Wendy will have to help you with the Scal.. I'm not the go to girl for that yet.. still learning here...

    Maybe our next challenge should be something to cut that we are working on.. like Disney for you...etc??

  4. I will try to get this challenge done but I cannot promise, this week I have 2 tests and 2 quizzes and I am meeting with my sister to do her invites for her wedding-- we are going to get them done in one day (hopefully) so I'm SUPER busy!!! =]

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  6. I just realized I duplicated everything I just said above. WShat a dork. So I deleted and now I am starting again.

    Renee, my Disney album is a picfolio from CM also, but there are a few pictures I could do layouts for. We had a Disney princess breakfast with Aurora, Snow White, Cinderall and Ariel. I have both princess Disney carts and have never used them. So it would be nice to finally make a layout with them. :)

    Natasha, good luck this week on the tests and quizzes. Make sure you take some time for yourself too. :)

  7. No problem Natasha... But you are missing a really fun "town"... I am laughing and having a blast! I may never buy another cart ... well maybe... but right now I'm pretty excited with SCAL!!!

  8. Diana I know what a picfolio is and I have a thought on it... you can make the charaters with the cart... laminate them and then stick them on the outside of the plastic sheet... use glue dots to hold them on and they should stay there forever! :)

  9. I do have to say that I am raising the rent in my Bunny Town because the town council just won't pick a color for the EGG letters!!

    LOL...this is a fun one, thank you Renee for scrapping with me!!


  10. ok i went to download my bunnytown and i am getting an "error reading file" tried 3 times to do it so can you maybe try to send it to me again. Thanks!!

  11. A tornado just hit Bunnytown,'s in pieces. News at 11.

  12. Well I waited for news until 12:00... Watched Ice Dancing and waited up for Bunnytown News in PA but no news there!