Saturday, February 27, 2010

Bunny Town

Bunny Town is just a cute svg file! I'm having "issues" with my computer so I was unable to complete the font. All supplies I had on hand. The "little one" is my niece Aubrey. She is a doll baby! I'll get the title on when I Windows 7 arrives in the snail mail! Vista is not my friend anymore! Thanks for looking.
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  1. Renee, that is too cute. OMG, I love it.

    But looking at it, I have to relook at my file. I don't know if I cut the right stuff. I cut the bunny book. Oye Vey. Rolling my eyes at myself.

  2. I made you a bit bigger, I hope you don't mind. Gorgeous work deserves to be SEEN!

  3. Sorry and Great! I couldn't figure out how to redo that this morning. I only had a few minutes to post.. It's missing the title and maybe a Journal box... I just got so disgusted with this computer...
    Photoshop Element 8 is to much for me to take in in one day.. The only thing that saved me was years ago I had worked with Photoshop a lot. Elements 8 is something else!!! For someone who can't remember... unimaginable.... ugg

  4. super cute!!!! i need a new computer too, mine is literally falling apart