Saturday, February 27, 2010

Challenge #8 Completed

Ok, I'm calling this one has driven me crazy all week.  At some point I want to fix the word EGGS since it looks a bit out of place....looking for suggestions on that PLEASE!!

The challenge was to use the Bunny Town collection - but I also used the Bella & Baxtor Elves collection to get the paint brush.  I also used one of the eggs Renee sent us.  I'm not sure how many times I tore this layout apart before I finally just glued it all down and said DONE!


  1. Oh Wendy this is just beautiful! I love it. Love the little "carrot" flowers... just darling! Your "egg holder" bunny is just a cutie! I give you a big A+++ for this one...

  2. Yup, I cut the wrong file. What the heck did I do. I need to look at that file again when I get back tomorrow night.

    Wendy, this is too cute. I think I will have to do mine for coloring too. I have some great pictures from last year.

    I can't wait to figure out what I did wrong. :)

    I love scrapchick and SCAL! :)

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  4. soooo cute, gosh i wish i had some time to do some of this cutting

  5. Wendy, I checked and I can't find this file. I think I sent you a email the other day, but I am not sure. I still want to do this one because I know we will do eggs this year. Do you still have this file? Can you send it to me again? thanks.

  6. Diana

    I went out to mediafire and sent you an email link to all the files so you can download any that you want.

    I am also going to forward the 2 emails I sent to Renee with the unzipped files just in case you can find the email from mediafire.