Sunday, February 7, 2010

Tear Bear School

Renee and I had tear bear school today....she makes a great student and she better get posting the bear she made today!! Here's mine.


  1. I'll get it in the morning... I'm super bowl sleepy...Wendy you are a great teacher!!! Thanks!!!

    I really do love your little bear girl!

    Hey, wait a minute... my nose is all wrong! Mine is not made like that... I need to work on mine before I post it... I didn't do mine like that... I went wrong somehow!!!!

  2. i love it... i need tear bear school!!!

  3. Natasha

    Do you have a webcam and skype? That's how Renee and I did it. I could probably come up with some pretty good instructions (with pics) if we need to do it that way. Do you have any extra thick mulberry paper on hand?

    Ask Renee, they really are easy!!

  4. No No and No.... Unfortunatly I have not been able to get any mulberry paper yet, i do have one pattern and keep meaning to try it just havn't gotten around to it yet, but those bears are just adorable!!! I've seen them on ebay and they usually sell for several bucks a piece. Guess i need to just look for the paper on there and try it myself but i'm a procrastinator--- and very busy, lol... I'll get around to it someday. Right now I'm glad i got the valentines challenge done and hoping to do the cartridge one soon--,my hubby bought me the new heritage cart for valentines day and gave it to me early, i'm also thinking of that MTC program but not sure as i need a new laptop first, anyway I'm rambling and tired...