Saturday, February 6, 2010

Any takers?

Hello Diana, Natasha, and Renee,
Would any of you like to have this layout? I made them for a swap that was a disaster, so now I have a bunch of extras. You can probably take the title off if you need to.


  1. Yes I would love a copy! If you don't mind my giving them to my sister... She has a handsome young grandson. Their picture is one of the snowflake pictures. Maybe I can trade you for them?... Do you have "When It's Cold Outside" cart? Maybe you would like a huge snowflake? Or let me know!

  2. Swaps being a diaster, we know nothing about that do we Renee and Wendy! Oye Vey. :) I love that layout and it is just precious and I would love a copy. Again, like Renee said I need to send you something in return. I think I am going up to Tuesday Mornings (is that the name of it) this week. I could pick you up a little something! ;)

  3. Thank you, but please don't worry about sending me anything, I'm just happy to get rid of them. That snowflake is gorgeous Renee. I hadn't heard of the "When It's Cold Outside" cart. Happy shopping at Tuesday Morning Diana! Let me know if there's anything good, so I can make a trip if I need to.